“Your course came highly recommended and yet still surpassed my expectations.”

“This course has had a profound effect on me.  Catastrophization has always been my MO.  When my mind is racing, I’m now able to calm myself.  Finding peace in my fragmented day with all its onslaughts is difficult but I feel well equipped to handle it now. “

“Your MBSR course went beyond my expectations.  The readings were inspiring.  The intensive was a profound learning experience in silence.  Your calmness, eloquence, poise, and confidence on the subject matter were perhaps the best things on this course.  I’d recommend it unreservedly.”

“I found the course to be excellent.  I’ve noticed the beginnings of positive change in how I respond to my emotions.”

“Thank you for this opportunity.  You have given me an insight into how it is possible to live in the present and make the most of life.” 

“I definitely needed the ‘live version’ of this course.  Kabat Zinn’s books are great but transferring reading to actual practice didn’t work for me.”

“This was my first experience of taking such a course.  You did a great job in creating an inclusive atmosphere and establishing a bond between people.  I felt respected and safe.  There was a good balance between sitting practices, group work and plenary discussion.” 

“I have sometimes come to class feeling dejected but left with hope, so clearly something is working right!”

“I have appreciated the balanced blend of activities in each session.  The discussions helped create a group sense of connectedness while also providing a sort of peer support.  Sharing our challenges and success was heartening and reminded me that we all have so much in common as human beings.  I also enjoyed the reading materials as they reinforced the practice for me.  The personal reflections provided opportunities for deeper meditations on my behaviour and life in general.  All in all, I felt this course was beautifully delivered and gracefully guided.”

“A wonderful, sharing, safe environment.  Always available to discuss.  This has been enormously helpful to me.”

“(The course) was well-planned, well-guided, and a lovely experience.”

“For me this course was kind of life-changing. I learned how to calm myself when my buttons get pressed. I noticed that after meditating my day tends to pass better. I am much more self aware. I’m now a better listener and communicator.”

“It has profoundly affected my way of being with myself and out in the world.” 

“Just want to let you know, that the head of HR here told me that she can really see that I have a much calmer and more serene attitude in the last two weeks.  Since the only thing that has changed is taking your course, i have to give full credit where credit is due.”

“This course on mindfulness was one of the most important things I have ever learned. You provide me with a skill of how to be present at the moment and how to be aware of my body physically and mentally, and I will recommend it for everyone I know.” 

“The teaching was very gentle — your years of experience are visible in the structure and clarity of the class.”

“The effects of this course and mindfulness practice on my life have been immeasurable.  I’m now stepping out of my comfort zone in many ways, and it feels good.”

“I am deeply grateful for the kindness, humour, seriousness and gentleness with which you conducted the course.  I only wish it was not ending.”

“I’ve enjoyed and have looked forward to Monday evenings.  I especially thought that opportunities to share in small groups were beneficial as well as the weekly handouts which I refer back to often.  I’d be interested in continuing on with other courses.”

“Your calm spirit and extensive knowledge of the subject were two points that stood out during this course.”

“Has really helped me become far more aware of the reality of my experience versus thoughts, feelings, judgments.” 

“I must say that this experience has been above my expectations!  I thought to meet “survivors of the seventies” but it was people like me, struggling with work, private time, family, kids etc. etc. searching for quiet moments.  You were able to give us these moments and you taught us how to find them by ourselves.”

“Found the course so appropriate for me at this stage of my life. Realised that stillness can be challenging — but if I persist extremely enabling. Meditations were a welcome experience and were guided with warmth and integrity. I’m on the threshold of my journey and know I have vital work to continue with but am grateful for this excellent grounding — near home, in English, with a group of people who were warm and accepting.”

“Like all practiced mindfulness instructors, your calmness is very reassuring.  My worries go away when I’m in your classes.”

“I would like to just thank you so much for the wonderful teaching that you have given us. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity of following it .. and I am truly sad that the end is approaching.”

“The course has helped me:  understand other people’s reactions better; face up to my mother’s illness; feel okay with myself, my thoughts, and my weaknesses.”

“I was very impressed with how well organised and structured the class was, without feeling rushed.  The instructor was highly prepared.  The balance of meditation, group discussion, and teaching really worked.” 

“I started the class soon after I arrived in Rome, and it helped immensely with my adjustment to life here.”

“Thank you for the thoughtful, elegant use of words and expression during sessions and in handouts. The quality of your speech is what made it possible for me to achieve any degree of mindfulness, as has the overall theme of kindness both towards oneself but by extension in one’s relation to others. I would love to live in a world colored by your compassionate, non-judging, yet purposeful invitation to be at peace with oneself and the wonder of living.”

“I loved the course! I really feel it helped me with awareness and I found myself practicing mindfulness every day. I looked forward to coming every Wednesday.”

“Open, welcoming, supportive, not dogmatic. Reading material very useful as a resource to dip into after lessons and beyond. Safe. welcoming environment in which people who chose to express themselves felt encouraged and listened to.”

“I have really enjoyed the course – it’s very thought provoking and it provided me with great techniques to cope with a difficult time in my life.”

“I have thoroughly appreciated the time and space to reflect. I would truly love to continue this journey, so please keep me posted if you are considering any further courses.”

“Thanks for your guidance throughout….. you’ve been very inspirational.”

“In my opinion this course was perfect and very similar to what I expected. The only problem was the sometimes continuous chatter in my mind!”

“An inspirational course. It was an all-round eye-opening experience. Teacher calm and very confident and clear in her explanations, drawing parallels with other approaches; very knowledgeable.”

“Having these mindfulness techniques has been such a huge help and I’m sure has saved me from becoming very down about the situation I’m in. Instead, I feel peace, acceptance, and self compassion. Thank you so much for everything you taught me. I really believe it has, and will continue to, change my life for the better.”

“It was very rich and motivating!! Please include me in any other courses you do in the future.”

“Heartfelt thank you for a wonderful learning experience. Your measured and compassionate voice made the course for me. I liked the academic thinking that you balanced with the practices. Truly enjoyed every session.”

“The writing in the handouts is wonderful, a feast and a class in and of itself.”

“I feel that I am in a better place now and that I can comfortably be more present in my daily life — and this was the purpose for taking the course.”

“I liked everything about this course: the talks, the handouts, the meditations, the email follow-ups. I felt guided, but still free to find my own path. To me this was an extremely useful and helpful experience.”

“The resources were helpful and encouraging, and the half-day retreat was a lovely culmination of the course.”

“A large improvement in understanding my emotions, and responding not reacting.”

“The teacher was calm and well settled in herself — a good example. The course gave time for oneself with no judgment and no pressure.”

“This course was wonderful. It has really enriched my relationship with myself, and of course as a consequence that with others. It was well organised, well structured, and each week’s reading material is a gem of wisdom. We hope for follow-on in the form of regular refresher sessions or more ‘advanced’ seminars.”

“Great course.  Very inspirational and useful.  I loved your calm personality; very soothing voice — all help a lot with engaging in what you share/teach.” 

“I really enjoyed the course.  It has been a relaxing, enriching, and rejuvenating space in the beginning of every week.  I particularly liked the retreat and would gladly do that again.”

“My experience has been truly enlightening! I am noticing changes taking place and I trust that this will continue.  I have enjoyed all aspects of the course.”

“This course was very beneficial for me.  I enjoyed the pace:  what felt slow at the beginning became almost a luxury, to have a place to be able to slow down.  Some parts were particularly helpful, especially allowing oneself to experience and acknowledge the more difficult feelings.”

“I really appreciated the atmosphere of respect and safety.”

“The psychological-neurological aspects of the class were truly fascinating and so insightful.  Learning about the science behind the mind-body connection was invaluable.” 

“I could not flaw the structure of the class nor indeed the teaching.  You are an inspiring teacher and your passion clearly shines through.”

“I have really changed my mindset and now find joy in life.”

(names withheld to respect privacy)

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